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Phone: 703-564-7318; email: Northwest Healthcare Center

4601 Pall Mall Road

Baltimore, MD 21215


  • For-Profit Partnership with 91 beds
  • Legal Business Name – Northwest Snf LLC
  • Website (
  • Owner – WO Holdings LLC

As of April 2022, Northwest Healthcare Center is rated as a one-star facility on a scale one-to-five, with one being the lowest, according to

A note by attorney Jeffrey J. Downey about researching nursing homes:

Thank you for visiting my website. Anyone who is considering the admission of a loved one into a nursing home should undertake a review of surveys or other data that will provide a snapshot of some of the issues or problems that the facility is experiencing. Keep in mind that this information can be limited and may not reflect the actual condition of the facility when your loved one is admitted. You should consider personal visits to any facility you are evaluating.

The Maryland Department of Health’s Office of Health Care Quality inspects nursing homes and assisted living facilities including Northwest Healthcare Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Periodically they do inspections, as complaint surveys should be public records.

I’ve provided a link to send an online complaint or for those who prefer the old analog method via letter, use this link.

The address is Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality, 7120 Samuel Morse Drive, Second Floor, Columbia, MD 21046-3422 Phone: 410-402-8015; Fax: 410-802-8056.

Having already researched Northwest Healthcare Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and obtained FOIA responses, I am posting these statements of deficiencies here, in a searchable format. Keep in mind that these surveys have been altered during the conversion process and you should update your search results.

I am interested in any additional information you may have on this facility. Please call me with any questions about this or any other facility you may be interested in searching or prosecuting civilly for patient neglect or abuse.

Disclaimer: Information is built using data sources published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The information disclosed on the NPI Registry is FOIA-disclosable and is required to be disclosed under the FOIA and the FOIA amendments to the FOIA. There is no way to ‘opt out’ or ‘suppress’ the NPPES record data for health care providers with active NPls. Some documents may not be accurately copied or some results may have changed upon appeal, which may not be noted here.