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“Because of you, I have always felt that my baby and I had someone on our side. Someone willing to fight for what was right…”

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We had a very positive experience with Jeffrey Downey throughout the whole legal process surrounding our family members death and mistreatment. Mr. Downey kept us informed of all the ups and downs involved and explained things in layman terms so we could clearly understand what was going on the legal front. Jeffery was friendly and down to earth in all our meetings and we always felt good about the process. He also prepped us well prior to meeting with opposing lawyer. I came away from this relationship with the feeling that we had been taken care of very well throughout the whole process. If you want someone who manages all aspects very well Jeffrey is your man.

John S.

Attorney Downey assisted me with an insurance settlement case after the death of my husband that unfortunately involved a dispute among family members. He successfully obtained the maximum payout from the insurance companies and though he was my attorney, he treated all parties with the utmost care and respect. Jeff kept me informed of all correspondence related to my case. His knowledge of the law, his professionalism and most of all, his concern for all of us made a very difficult situation easier to endure. Thank you, Jeff – I am forever grateful for your services!

Fannie W.

Jeff Downey was an of inspiration of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed remote Not only was he able to safeguard us due to the wrongful death of our mother, his calm and compassionate character offered emotional assistance to my family. Mr. Downey provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details. My brothers and sister are eternally grateful for his service and I highly recommend Jeff Downey without reservation.

Yvonne O.

Mr. Downey handled my case efficiently and honorably.  All of the paperwork reviewing involved required patience and due diligence, which was exactly how Mr. Downey treated this challenging case.

I liked how patient Mr. Downey was.  I appreciated how well he listened and was attentive to my emotions.  I lastly liked how he became an advocate for my mother and the misfortune she sent through.

I would absolutely retain the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey again and have already referred his services to another family.


I was satisfied with the case outcome. The quality of the representation provided by the attorney was very thorough, time efficient and open to communication clarity during the process of execution, keeping in mind the client’s thoughts and suggestions. I would retain the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey again because of the craftsmanship of their work.


I’ve been trying for weeks to find the perfect words to express my gratitude, and honestly, they simply don’t exist. So I’ll start by saying that I’m thoroughly convinced of three things. First, three years ago, when I found your name online, The Lord was there. Second, when you answered your phone and spoke with me, The Lord was there. Last, but not least, when my precious little girl needed you – Thank God, you were there. From the first time that we had spoken, I trusted you. While you didn’t know us from Adam – and while the people closest to us walked away – you stood there by our side, like a protector within the storm of a lifetime. When the world seemed dark and cruel, you were there fighting for us, and I just can’t thank you enough.

Because of you, I have always felt that my baby and I had someone on our side. Someone willing to fight for what was right. While nothing will ever take away what happened to my little girl, you have provided her with justice. I don’t in any way wish to take away from the justice of the criminal case, however; I do feel that both myself and my daughter were treated with a greater deal of dignity and kindness largely due to your representation.

Thank you, Jeff – For giving my little girl a brighter future and for showing her that true justice does exist in this world. Thank you for being there for us, when even our family was not. Thank you for not giving up – even when we were ready to throw in the towel. Thank you for your strength and for your words of wisdom, always knowing what to say when I was at my weakest points through this case – I was able to be – because you were strong enough for us all. You were our rock, always stable, in this world of uncertainty – the one person that we knew for sure was on our side – So again, I say, thank you – and God bless you and your family, for all that you do – and have done.


I was involved in a negligence case against a large nursing home involving my mother. I was completely satisfied with the outcome and felt that we probably got about the best results that were available for the minimum risk that I was prepared to bear. Mr. Downey explained everything clearly upfront. He was always available to answer my questions or give me advice. He also gave me all the coaching I needed and was always courteous and friendly. I always felt my case was in good hands. I would certainly retain Mr. Downey again if the need arose.

Ira K.

Litigation against large organizations such as nursing homes can be a very intimidating task for the average lay person. However, I was very fortunate. My attorney was Jeffrey Downey. My case involved negligence on the part of a nursing home where my elderly father resided. This negligence resulted in his untimely death. My case was handled with the highest degree of professionalism and an equal amount of caring. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Downey always provided prompt feedback, and was responsive to all of my questions and concerns. Needless to say the outcome of my case was quite successful. Mr. Downey has earned my respect, not only as an attorney, but also as a human being. Should I ever have to do it all over again, he is the attorney who I would want to represent me.


My dad was a World War II veteran and survivor of the Battan death march. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive his visit to a local long term care facility. After a stay at a Veteran’s hospital he went to a long term care facility for short term rehabilitation. The facility placed him in their assisted living wing instead of placing him on a skilled care unit that was recommended upon his discharge. They allowed him to roam the facility by himself and because of his dementia and unsteady gait, he fell and suffered a hip fracture.

I spent considerable time researching who to hire as an attorney and ultimately went with Jeffrey Downey. He was experienced, confident and responsive to my many questions during what was very difficult time in my life. The litigation was contentious with a lot of discovery and motions going back and forth between the attorneys. In video depositions Jeff obtained important concessions from the nursing staff about their lack of staffing and failure to follow basic standards in fall prevention. The facility took a hard line initially on settlement and we went through mediation and a court pretrial hearing without resolving the case. We settled shortly before trial for an amount in excess of $500,000 dollars.

Beyond being a great attorney Jeff was also someone I trusted. I would highly recommend him for any litigation matter, especially a case involving elder neglect.

Malcolm J.

I will always remember the courtesy and respect you extended to my father and I (during a very difficult time), walking us through the wrongful death lawsuit of my mother.

It was never an inconvenience for you to make the situation and demand of the case easier for my eighty-eight year old father – like the afternoon you came to our house. You never backed off with any part of the investigation or mediation. You fought for what we all felt was right and fair to the family. You understood that my mother was a loved one, a person – not allowing her age to be the main factor.

My mother will always be remembered and even more so, by the investments we have made and how they will remain with us throughout the remainder of our lives. My father purchased his travel trailer and spent a month in Florida with his two brothers, and the best care that could be provided him in his last days; my son was able to purchase a house for his family instead of rent receipts; and I took my 100 day dream vacation touring Alaska, Canada and twenty-seven other states of the United States. Monies are still in investments working for our remaining futures.

All I can say is – thank you for a job well done, while extending the feelings of compassion and friendship.

Betty D. (West Virginia)

My Father was a retired U. S. Marine who fought in World War II and Korea. He was a wonderful loving father and a great and caring friend to all who knew him.

He entered into a Nursing Home for rehabilitation which led to his ultimate downfall because of the Nursing Home’s neglect in overseeing his care.

Upon receiving an excellent recommendation, we retained Jeffrey J. Downey as our attorney. Mr. Downey’s profound legal skill and experience in nursing home abuse brought our family closure to the egregious ordeal which my father should never have experienced. Our family would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Downey to anyone who would require such help in dealing with elder neglect.


The firm handled a slip and fall case for me. I was very satisfied. Anytime I had a question it was answered promptly. I was kept updated during the entire process and was always told my options. I really enjoyed the personal attention I got. I could not have had a better experience.