Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Washington DC Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Washington DC Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

It is never easy to see a family member enter into a nursing home or assisted living facility. Such an admission typically means that your loved one can no longer take care of himself or herself. However, families can usually take comfort in knowing that the facility’s staff will provide adequate care and treatment. Unfortunately, elder neglect and abuse happen far too often in these long-term care facilities, leaving patients seriously injured and families devastated.

If your loved one was the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, it’s important to take steps to protect your loved one’s rights.  If he or she has suffered an injury, you should contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney to protect your rights.  You may also want to file a complaint with the facility’s licensing authority, but first speak to counsel who can assist in framing the issues to be investigated. If the facility was negligent, not only are you entitled to seek compensation for the injury or death of your family member, but pursuing these claims also sends a strong message to healthcare providers that elder abuse or neglect is simply not acceptable.

Advocating For Nursing Home Abuse Victims In Washington, D.C., Maryland And Virginia

For some thirty years, trial attorney Jeffrey Downey has represented one of the most serving yet vulnerable segments of our society — our elderly in long-term care facilities. Having personal experience with his own mother in a long-term care facility, he knows firsthand how these issues impact a family. The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey has established important legal precedents protecting the rights of elder neglect victims in our legal system.  Link: (  His clients have even testified before the U.S. congress about neglect in our long term care system.

Mr. Downey has also secured some of the largest elder abuse verdicts in Virginia and the District of Columbia. Due to his staunch legal advocacy, he has not only protected the rights of his clients, but he has helped educate legislators, judges and other attorneys about the problems involving neglect in our long term care system.

The Types Of Nursing Home Negligence and Assisted Living Neglect Cases That We Handle

Our law firm nursing home helps families address a wide range of elder abuse claims, including those involving:

Getting The Attention Of Lawmakers

Mr. Downey is trusted and respected by past clients, the legal community and lawmakers when it comes to elder protection. Not only has he won many complex elder abuse claims, he also devotes much of his personal time to elder advocacy. He has served in leadership positions for National Citizens’ Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR) and the Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living (CCAL). He lectures to legal organizations and resident council groups in nursing homes. Mr. Downey has also written numerous articles and published a book on elder protection. Furthermore, his legal work and advocacy have drawn the attention of lawmakers, resulting in his clients being asked to testify before Congress regarding elder abuse.

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