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Factors That Cause Injuries To Dementia Patients In Nursing Homes

by Jeffrey Downey, Esq. Since demented patients often lack safety awareness, they are at increased risk for injuries in nursing homes, including falls and other adverse outcomes, like pressure wounds and infections. Caring for elderly individuals suffering from dementia in nursing homes, particularly in Virginia, extends far beyond mere staffing issues. While the numbers and … Read more →

Getting Justice for Personal Injuries in Fairfax County

Accidents seem to occur in our everyday life, but innocent people should not pay for the carelessness and recklessness of other people. If you’ve had injuries caused by an accident in Fairfax County, you should hold the responsible party liable by involving a Fairfax personal injury attorney. Fairfax County has a legal framework specializing in personal injury cases, … Read more →

Billion Dollar Judgment in personal injury lawsuit Sets a New Upper limit for judgments, but not in Virginia because Punitive Damage Caps give Corporations a pass for even the most egregious conduct

By Jeffrey J. Downey, personal injury attorney, serving Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia As we enter Labor Day weekend, it is a good idea to keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone if you are driving a tractor trailer.  But that message is not heeded by many. The recent … Read more →

Pressure wounds – A Growing Problem in our Long-term care system

by Jeffrey J. Downey, Esq Serving clients in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Since the Covid-19 pandemic many nursing home residents have declined in mobility, increasing the probability that they will develop pressure wounds or bed sores.  This new reality, combined with reduced or limited visitation due to the Pandemic, is putting our seniors at risk. … Read more →

Texting While Driving is a Serious Driving Issue

Distracted driving accounts for numerous accidents in Virginia, explains Virginia personal injury attorney Jeffrey J. Downey.  In addition to making such conduct illegal, countries are experimenting with creative solutions. Law enforcement officials in Australia are testing its systems whereby it can detect drivers using their phones in their hands with high-definition cameras.  For now, the … Read more →

Trump Administration Closes Office for Access to Justice

Obtaining legal representation for the economically disenfranchised has always been a problem in the United States. While criminal defendants can obtain free legal representation, its much more difficult for the poor to obtain legal representation in civil matters. The US Justice Department created the Office the Access of Justice in March of 2010 to increase … Read more →

Legal Liability for Vaping Injury: What You Need to Know

Every generation seems grab on to a product that scares the previous generation, i.e., the parents, Vaping, however, cuts across all generations.  If you aren’t familiar with vaping, it is “the action of inhaling or exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.” You have probably seen the ads for vaping.  One … Read more →

Press Release: Death Certifications in Nursing Home

Why You Should be Concerned – A Case in Point, Ioffe v. Hebrew Home by Jeffrey J. Downey, Esq On May 25, 2018, Ekaterina Ioffe fell off her bed while being cared for by a nurse aide at the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, in Rockville, Maryland.  The aide had failed to secure the side … Read more →