Capital Bikeshare Opens Fairfax County Locations

On October 21, the Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) made its debut in Fairfax County, opening 15 bike stations in Reston and 14 in Tysons Corner.  The bike sharing system began in Washington, DC in 2010 and has been popular since its inception.  In addition to the new Fairfax County stations, CaBi has existing Northern Virginia stations in Arlington and Alexandria.

The streets of Tysons Corner and Reston experience heavy rush hour traffic, raising the potential concern that the introduction of bikes could lead to an increase in traffic accidents and personal injuries.  These is also the potential concern that riders in Tysons Corner and Reston will not have adequate access to dedicated bike lanes.

However, advocates of the expansion point out that Fairfax County has added nearly 50 miles of on-road bike lanes during the past two years.  Additionally, the bike-sharing system has the potential to reduce traffic if enough commuters trade their car commutes for bicycle commutes.