Raymond Jones v. Centra Health Inc

On May 6, 2013 Raymond Jones, a 52 year old patient at Guggenheimer Health and Rehabilitation Center in Lynchburg Virginia, eloped through a third story window while his nurse aide watched and screamed for nurse assistance. On that same day he had made four prior attempts to exit the facility before going out the window. Mr. Jones, who previously had suffered a stroke which caused cognitive and behavioral problems, was confused and agitated at the time. Guggenheimer records show that after Mr. Jones’ admission, the staff failed to feed him, medicate him or provide him with ADL care (activities of daily living). Mr. Jones’ doctor had ordered a medication (Inderal) to help keep Mr. Jones calm, but the nursing home did not have the medication in stock. The nursing home was also short of their regularly staff at the time Mr. Jones escaped through the window. Read the full article here.