Northern Virginia Surgical Error Attorney

Northern Virginia Surgical Error Attorney

Maryland Medical Malpractice

From bowel or other organ perforations to the failure to remove sponges, clamps, and other foreign objects, surgical errors are more common than one might think. If you or a loved one has suffered an unexpected adverse outcome after a surgical procedure in Maryland, Washington, D.C. or Virginia, you many want to get a free case evaluation from an attorney at The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey. If you’re in need of a Northern Virginia Surgical Error Attorney, make sure to call us today.

We represent clients in complex medical malpractice litigation including injuries and wrongful death resulting from:

The fact that one experiences an adverse outcome does not mean the health care provider was necessarily negligent. Most cases require an expert qualified in the particular field of medicine to evaluate the case for breaches in the standard of care. Many states, including Virginia and Maryland, require expert certifications before a party may file suit against a health care provider and place caps on a recovery.

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