Leesburg, VA Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Leesburg, VA Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Commercial litigation involves any type of dispute where businesses turn to the courts to resolve their controversy. Examples of commercial litigation we have handled in Leesburg, VA, Virginia and Maryland include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Antitrust claims or unfair competition
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Employment disputes

Almost every business dispute has the potential to become a troublesome and expensive lawsuit. If your involved in a potential commercial litigation matter, you need to make sure you have retained counsel with the skills and experience necessary to successfully resolve your case.

Mr. Downey has successfully represented clients in commercial matters including antitrust cases, contract claims, employment disputes and other complex cases in Leesburg, VA, Northern Virginia, Maryland and beyond. He has represented a variety of large corporations including Best Best Stores, Pitney Bowes, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Massachusetts, and CareFirst health insurance company. He had previously represented insurance companies as a defense lawyer and has experience both defending companies and representing them as plaintiffs in civil litigation.

In the case of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts v. Mylan Labs Mr. Downey first chaired a landmark antitrust case that resulted in over a 58 million dollar judgment against a generic drug company that attempted to corner the market on two popular anti-anxiety medications. He has also represented health insurers against PBMs for allegedly committing fraud and other illegal business practices that resulted in increased prices for medications. He has successfully defended corporations that were the subject of breach of contract and employment claims, and has represented insurers involved in declaratory judgment actions.

Some large law firms use leveraged billing models where associates do most of the work on a case, including the handling of important depositions and motions. While it may be impressive to have three to five attorneys working on your case, when they are billing from $250 to $500 dollars each, it may not be to your economic advantage when your litigation costs exceed the actual value of your case.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey J. Downey we will evaluate your case early in the process to find a solution that best meets your business goals and objectives. Mediation and Arbitration are two forms of alternative dispute resolution that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs. But if your case is going to a jury trial, consider hiring an attorney who has worked both sides of the fence (plaintiff and defense) and has a proven track record of success. We will also work with companies to come up with creative billing solutions to meet the needs of a small companies, including contingency fee agreements and transaction based billing. If you’re searching for a Leesburg, VA Commercial Litigation Lawyer, call us today.