Langley, VA Medication Error Attorney

Langley, VA Medication Error Attorney

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Estimates from the Institute of Medicine indicate that at least 1.5 million Americans are killed, injured or made ill because of errors in prescribing or dispensing medications. Under applicable standards of care, nurses and doctors are required to keep accurate records of the medications that are ordered and dispensed to patients. If you’re in need of a Langley, VA Medication Error Attorney, make sure to call us today.

Examples of medication errors include the following:

  • A nurse fails to provide a medication ordered by the Doctor
  • A nurse administers a medication that is different from the one ordered by your doctor
  • A nurse administers the wrong dosage of a medication
  • A doctor or nurse practitioner prescribes a medication despite a known allergy
  • A doctor or nurse practitioner prescribes a medication that is contraindicated by ant
  • A health care provider fails to timely recognize adverse side effects from a medication, which would prompt the medication’s immediate cessation and treatment
  • A pharmacy misfiles the prescription by either providing the wrong medication or provides inaccurate dosage instructions
  • A doctor treating a nursing home patient uses medications as chemical restraints or to fails to seek medication reductions to maximize a patient’s mental health.

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