Getting Justice for Personal Injuries in Fairfax County

Common Personal Injury Accidents

some of the common accidents related to personal injury:

  • Car & truck accidents.
  • Slips and falls.
  • Medical negligence and malpractice.
  • Construction site accidents.
  • Harmful products.
  • Dangerous medication.
  • Wrongful deaths.

Duties of a Personal Injury Accident Attorney

The primary duty of a personal injury attorney is to safeguard the interests of their clients by:

Explaining Clients Rights

A personal injury accident attorney should explain how an accident and different legal issues can impact the rights of their clients. Different jurisdictions have different laws, such as statutes of limitations and comparative negligence.  An attorney will also explain the different types of insurance coverage available, including Med Pay and Uninssured motorist coverage. He will makes sure you give your insurance company proper notice of your accident anc claim.

Statute of limitations provides a time frame for filing a lawsuit. Comparative negligence laws are used to determine whether plaintiffs can sue for compensation if they’re partly to blame for an accident. They also outline how awards are to be recovered.  In Virginia the statute of limiataions for personal injury is two years for adults, but there are some exceptions. Virginia applies pure contributory negligence principles which can be problematic for Plaitniffs, where multiple paties may have been at fault in causing the accident.

Advisory Role

Competent personal injury attorneys should educate clients on how the legal system works. They should explain complex legal jargon, handle arising medical issues & insurance matters, besides filling paperwork necessary for the case. An injury attorney can also recommend treatment by certain medical specialists, depending on the  nature of your injuries.   Additionally, they should provide an objective opinion to the injury victim who will likely be experiencing feelings that may hinder sound judgment.

Legal Representation

Not all personal injury cases end up in court; the majority are settled before a lawsuit is filed, but if the insurance company denies a claim, such cases go for a court trial. Litigations in Anchorage and the world over are typically complicated hence the need to contact an attorney for personal injury. It’s not a task for inexperienced attorneys!

When to Contact a Personal Injury Accident Attorney?

Besides contacting a personal injury attorney when injuries are sustained in accidents, you can also reach out to them when any of the following situations arise:

When Your Claims have been denied

If you’re sure that you were not to blame for the accident, and the insurance company denies liability, you should contact a personal injury accident attorney.  Jeffrey Downey has over 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases and started out as a defense attorney.

Multiple Accidents
In some cases, accident cases can have multiple defendants, which may complicate the situation. A personal injury attorney will be the right person to determine who the legitimate plaintiff and/ or defendant are.  If there is limited insurance coverage for an accident, you may be facing a race to the Courthouse, so do not delay seeking representation.  The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey will provide a free, no obligation initial consultation to answer any questions you may have.

Accepting Insurance Company’s Offers
In general, its is good advice to talk to an attorney before you accept an offer from an insurance company.  If  you have ongoing pain or medical expenses, it may not make sense to settle your case until your treatment is completed.  Also, most non-attorneys have no knowledge about case values for personal injury cases.  So you should check with an attorney before you make a final decision.

For a personal injury attorney in Fairfax, contact the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey.  We also handle cases throughout Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland.  Experience matters, so chose your attorney carefully.   See what our clients have to say.  Client Testimonials | Lawyer Reviews | Jeff Downey

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