Chevy Chase, MD Nursing Home Fall Attorney

Chevy Chase, MD Nursing Home Fall Attorney

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Nursing home patients are extremely vulnerable to a range of accidents, including falls. While falling down may not result in significant injuries for most of the population, when an elderly individual falls the injuries can be extremely serious. That is why nursing homes are required to hire trained professionals who are qualified to assess fall risks for each patient. Upon determination that a patient is at risk, a multifaceted fall prevention plan must be established and implemented. This plan can include a range of factors, including changes to the patient’s living environment and use of equipment/devices.

If fall risk is not assessed, if a fall prevention plan is not established, or if an inadequate fall prevention plan was in place, accidents can happen — the results of which can be devastating.

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If your loved one had a fall accident in a nursing home, it is important to get to the bottom of what happened and why. If proper action was not taken by the nursing home to prevent the fall, it can be held legally responsible for the patient’s injuries.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C., we have a dedicated focus on nursing home abuse and negligence. Attorney Jeffrey Downey is one of the most respected legal advocates for the elderly in the region. He frequently lectures on elder abuse topics and has published a book on elder law. He understands the complex web of nursing home requirements as well as elder protection laws. If negligence was involved in your matter, he has the skills and ability to prove it.

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Nursing home negligence continues to be a serious problem in our society. By filing a legal claim after your family member’s fall injury, not only can you obtain the compensation you deserve, but it also brings awareness to the importance of protecting nursing home residents. Contact our nursing home fall injuries lawyers at 202-712-9106 to learn more. If you are in need of a Chevy Chase, MD Nursing Home Fall Attorney, call us today.