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Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Almost every business dispute has the potential to become a troublesome and expensive lawsuit. If your involved in a potential commercial litigation matter, you need to make sure you have retained counsel with the skills and experience necessary to successfully resolve your case.  Learn more about our commercial litigation lawyer services in Adams Morgan, DC.

Amputation Attorney

Amputation refers to the intentional surgical removal of a limb or body part, usually to remove diseased or infected tissue. Its estimated that some 65,000 amputations are performed in the United States each year. Medical reasons for amputation may include trauma, a malignant tumor, interruption of blood flow, or other diseases. While amputation may be a necessary medical procedure, sometimes it results from negligent care, or the failure to pursue more aggressive treatment like evaluation and treatment by a vascular surgeon. If you are in need of a Adams Morgan, DC Amputation Attorney, make sure to call us today.  Learn more about our amputation attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Anesthesia Error Attorney

The anesthesiologist is one of the most important medical professionals involved in surgery. He or she plays a vital role throughout the process. Even a small mistake can have a devastating consequence, leading to death, brain injury and other catastrophic injuries that can last a lifetime. If you feel you have suffered injury or have lost a loved one because of an anesthesiologist’s mistake during a surgical procedure, you may be entitled to seek full and fair compensation.  Learn more about our anesthesia error attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Assisted Living Negligence Attorney

The elderly are an extremely vulnerable segment of our population in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland. While we hear a lot about the negligence and abuse that occur against the elderly in nursing homes, there are less recognized acts of negligence occurring at assisted living facilities. If your loved one was the victim of elder abuse or neglect in an assisted living facility, you have a right to file a legal claim. The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C., can help you do so. Attorney Jeffrey Downey has more than 25 years of legal experience and has successfully handled a range of elder abuse cases.  Learn more about our assisted living negligence attorney services in Adams Morgan, DC.

Birth Injury Attorney

Regardless of the specifics in your case, if your child was injured during childbirth, you may have a valid medical malpractice claim. Birth injuries can have a lifelong impact on a child and his or her entire family. Not only are there physical and mental challenges to overcome, but the cost of treatment and care can be a financial burden as well. At The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C., we can help you understand your legal rights regarding your child’s birth injury. If there is evidence to suggest that medical mistake caused the birth injuries, we will fight for your right to full compensation. If you are in need of a Adams Morgan, DC Birth Injury Attorney, make sure to call us today.  Learn more about our birth injury attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Hospital Malpractice Attorney

Hospitals are meant to be a place of remedy and healing. However, there are occasions where hospital patients suffer great injury and even death due to the mistakes or negligence of a hospital employee. For these individuals and their families, a legal claim against the hospital can result in fair compensation for their injuries, suffering and losses.  Learn more about building a hospital malpractice case and our hospital malpractice attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice refers generally to negligence claims against doctors, hospitals or other health care providers. For those injured in this manner in Washington, D.C., Virginia or Maryland, a lawsuit against the responsible party can result in the financial compensation they need to address their medical bills, lost wages and suffering. Medical malpractice cases can be complex. But just because there are complexities and challenges to overcome, it does not mean winning is impossible.  Learn more about our medical malpractice attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Medical Negligence Attorney

If you were recently in a hospital in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia and are unsure whether your hospital infection was the result of hospital negligence or a surgical error, turn to the attorneys of The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey for answers. We represent clients in complex medical malpractice cases and have an in-depth understanding of regulations related to sterilization procedures.  Learn more about our medical negligence attorney services in Adams Morgan, DC.

Medication Error Attorney

Estimates from the Institute of Medicine indicate that at least 1.5 million Americans are killed, injured or made ill because of errors in prescribing or dispensing medications. Under applicable standards of care, nurses and doctors are required to keep accurate records of the medications that are ordered and dispensed to patients. If you’re in need of a Adams Morgan, DC Medication Error Attorney, make sure to call us today.  Learn more about our medication error attorney services in Adams Morgan, DC.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

It is never easy to see a family member enter into a nursing home. Admission means that your loved one can no longer take care of himself or herself. However, families can usually take comfort from knowing that the nursing home staff will provide adequate care and treatment. Unfortunately, elder neglect and abuse happen far too often in these long-term care facilities, leaving patients seriously injured and families devastated.

If your loved one was the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, it is important that you take legal action. Not only are you entitled to seek compensation for the injury or death of your family member, but pursuing these claims also sends a strong message to lawmakers that elder abuse is simply not acceptable. Learn more about our nursing home abuse attorney services in Adams Morgan, DC.

Nursing Home Fall Attorney

Nursing home patients are extremely vulnerable to a range of accidents, including falls. While falling down may not result in significant injuries for most of the population, when an elderly individual falls the injuries can be extremely serious. That is why nursing homes are required to hire trained professionals who are qualified to assess fall risks for each patient. Upon determination that a patient is at risk, a multifaceted fall prevention plan must be established and implemented. This plan can include a range of factors, including changes to the patient’s living environment and use of equipment/devices.

If fall risk is not assessed, if a fall prevention plan is not established, or if an inadequate fall prevention plan was in place, accidents can happen — the results of which can be devastating. Learn more about building a nursing home fall case and our nursing home fall attorney services in Adams Morgan, DC.

Stroke Attorney

Brain damage generally refers to permanent damage to brain tissue, as brain tissue does not regenerate or heal in the traditional sense. It can result from trauma, infection, disease or an interruption in blood flow to the brain (stroke). The timely diagnosis and treatment of a stroke can significantly increase one’s chance of minimizing or preventing brain damage completely. Patients at risk for stroke should be evaluated by their internist, who may recommend blood thinners or other medications to decrease the probability of a stroke. People with high blood pressure and women who are pregnant have a significantly higher risk of stroke then the general populations.  Learn more about our stroke attorney services in Adams Morgan, DC.

Surgical Error Attorney

From bowel or other organ perforations to the failure to remove sponges, clamps, and other foreign objects, surgical errors are more common than one might think. If you or a loved one has suffered an unexpected adverse outcome after a surgical procedure in Maryland, Washington, D.C. or Virginia, you many want to get a free case evaluation from an attorney at The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey. If you’re in need of a Adams Morgan, DC Surgical Error Attorney, make sure to call us today.  Learn more about our surgical error attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Wrongful Death Attorney

Unexplained or unexpected deaths may be the result of medical negligence. The family has the right to obtain and review the medical records leading up to death, and request an autopsy under appropriate circumstances. If you suspect wrong-doing you may want to have an autopsy done by an independent medical examiner of your choosing. It is important to act quickly and take action to preserve the remains. Wrongful death is a statutory claim in many jurisdictions and state laws may limit or cap your recovery. Learn more about our wrongful death attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Personal Injury Attorney

No one ever expects to be in an accident. So when you are seriously injured due to another person’s negligence, it can be difficult to know what to do. You could be facing a long and painful recovery, and insurance agents may be pressuring you into giving a statement or accepting a settlement offer that seems too low. At this time, your focus needs to be on healing, but you still need a strong legal advocate to fight the legal battles on your behalf. Hiring an attorney early on in the claims process could benefit you greatly in securing important evidence, witnesses or insurance coverage for medical bills. Insurance companies begin to build their defense as soon as an accident is reported, so why not protect your rights in the same way. Learn more about our personal injury attorney services in Adams Morgan,DC.

Slip & Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents happen every day across America, but they can be serious life altering events for those involved. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may need professional legal representation as soon as possible. Hiring a slip & fall lawyer as soon as possible after the accident will ensure that all your bases are covered – especially if there have already been settlement offers from the property owner’s insurer. Learn more about our slip & fall lawyers in Adams Morgan DC.